Frequently Asked Questions

Our process is pretty simple. However, there are some frequently asked questions that might be useful during your transaction

1. We will start your website qualification process within a few hours. ( on normal business hours ).

2. If your website is approved and meets our initial criteria, you will receive a link to sign a confidentiality agreement.

3. We then send you a list of follow up questions so we can valuate your website and give you our true offer.

4. There might be a few email/phone exchanges just in case any information is either missing or if any
further clarifications might be needed in your form submissions.

5. If your website meets our standards, you will receive an offer letter from us to purchase your website. If
you do not receive an offer, we will provide free non-legal advice to help you sell your website at no extra charge.

We are an investment company, we care about your privacy and understand your need to keep your information confidential.

After you send us basic information about your website via the initial form, we request you to sign
a confidentiality agreement that protects any information that is shared with us during the transaction.

Your information stays confidential during the pre-transfer period .

Our asset transfer agreement document has confidentiality clauses which will take into effect post-transfer.

Creative Innovation only performs internet asset acquisitions. Meaning, we only buy the asset ( website ) and not the legal business entity.

We’re a private internet investment company. Read about us here

Your offer can be rejected for any reason but 99% of the time it either does not meet our 6 point criteria, or we feel the niche is not appropriate for our investment portfolio.

Creative Innovation does our best to have complete,, fair and easy to read agreements based on industry practices. We do advise that for larger asset transfers, you consult with an attorney to review our contracts for your peace of mind.

Some websites have a very complex transition process that involves training which is dependent on the health of the website.  Buyer holdback means that there is a portion of the purchase price kept aside to ensure that full transition has taken place. The portion of funds are released once transition has taken place.

Seller financing involves paying a fixed certain portion of the purchase price over a fixed period of time. This usually involves paying an interest amount to the seller. This option is sometimes used in order to close a deal where we want to offer a fair market price but our budget might not allow it immediately. In this scenario, we will structure the offer in this fashion.

Performance based financing means that a portion of the purchase price is paid off slowly over a set period of time. However, the financing is dependent on the future success of the business.

There are mainly 2 common scenarios where we feel performance based financing is appropriate.

1) If a seller has seen a significant growth in revenues, but is lacking history for that recent increase that will impact valuation of the business, we may feel that some form of performance based financing is appropriate in order to help the seller cash-in on the recent growth.

2) The other scenario is where there is a high risk web business that needs to be taken into account where traffic and revenue patterns are not consistent or don’t have a strong history. ( less than 12 months). This option will mitigate the risk.

The great thing about our company is that we give you true market value for your internet business using a multi-variable algorithm which we developed. We use best of class industry practices and over 10 years of business experience when trying to evaluate the value of your business. We look at the current market value, perform risk assessment and also future potential.

In the case that you are not happy with the offer sent to you, we can provide you different options to try to sell your business using other services. 99% of the time, you will end up receiving less because there will be other closing fees and commissions that you’ll need to pay at the time of sale.

With Creative Innovation, you bypass all fees and also get a great market price for your website.

Based on our internal risk assessment, your offer might be structured in different ways and can be explained in the offer letter itself.

Coming up with the value of your business is where all of our time and effort is spent and requires lots of research. The valuation of your business will depend on the health of your finances, traffic and future market potential of your business.

Yes, you have 3 business days to accept our offer. After that, We’ll be happy to consult you with different options
that might be available for you.

Since we’re the buyers, all offers are sent by us. You get paid from us directly. We do not entertain or send you 3rd party offers.

For simple websites this can be done in 3-5 days, for more complex sites it can take longer.

The due diligence phase starts as soon as both parties agree on the offer terms. Depending on the business model of the website being screened, different types of verification’s are taken place. We perform due diligence to confirm accuracy and completeness of the representation made about the website.

We verify items such as traffic, financials, domain ownership, expenses, 3rd party accounts and vendors such as Paypal, Merchant statements and supplier invoices. Every business model has different items that are verified prior to website transfer.

You will receive a “Letter of intent” document which will have the list of terms and the offer amount.

You will get an offer from us within 72 hours of us receiving all details and answers to any follow up questions that we might have.

No, we are a private investment company and all information is kept securely in our system and not displayed to the public via any search engine or marketplace.

Your information is safe and protected. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

The website transition process usually depends on the number of assets involved.  A blog with 1 revenue source can be transferred very quickly whereas an e-commerce site can take a bit longer. After the review of your assets, a transition timeline is given to you for your reference.

1. Creative Innovation and you as the seller agree on the terms within the signed contract and written offer.

2. Creative Innovation submits a payment via an approved payment method. verifies the payment. The seller is then notified
that funds have been received.

3. The seller  then starts the transfer process that moves all assets agreed upon to Creative Innovation.

4. The seller confirms that they have transferred everything successfully.

5. Creative Innovation confirms on that all assets have been received successfully.

6. verifies that the domain assets have been transferred successfully.

7. Upon successful transfer, there is an agreed upon inspection period that allows us to make sure that everything has been received.

8. releases the agreed upon funds to the seller in whatever payment form they choose.

9. Agreed upon post training process begins.

10. Transaction complete.

More information can be found here:

We use a 3rd party company called which is the standard for all online transactions that involve digital asset transfers. is safe, reliable and ensures a smooth process for both parties.

1. Save on closing costs:
Since we are a private investment firm, we give you an offer based on our valuation criteria of internet businesses. Since there is no other buyer involved in this process – we don’t charge any commission.

Other marketplaces or brokers charge a 15% ( of the final sale price ) when you go to sell your website. It is sometimes acceptable to pay this commission because they are in the business of finding you a buyer that will eventually buy your site.

2. Superior Service:
We help you transition your website from start to finish and you get to speak to a live person during the whole process.

3. Speed:
Receive a written offer in 72 hours after we receive all your information and answers to our follow up questions.

4. High success rate:
If your website meets our simple 6 point criteria – there is usually a 80% chance that your website will get sold (via any of our services).

5. Safe and Confidential:
The sale of your website is not displayed to the public and your information stays secure.

6. Secure Transfer:
We work with as our trusted partner to transition digital assets. Their process keeps both the buyer and seller in control and creates a reliable platform for both parties to exchange funds and verify the exchange.

7. Experience:
We have over 10 years of experience in working with internet businesses to help you with the transition process. We guide you with the transfer process if you’ve never transferred a website before.

8. True valuation:
Our valuation process is very thorough and we look at your business from every angle. This gives you a good market value for your website rather than underselling your business to an auction house.

Below are general bullet points as to what we look for, more details can be found on our homepage here
1. Consistent revenue for 6 months
2. Relevant traffic
3. Brandable
4. Healthy cash flow and margins
5. Manageable work effort
6. Online marketing strategy

No, we are a private investment company that specializes in internet asset acquisitions.