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  • This is a premium consulting service for select clients who would like the knowledge and expertise to get maximum return from their website investments.
  • Our model is simple. You’ll continue to own and operate your website(s) just like you do today.
  • We are paid hourly to provide you non-legal advice to grow your portfolio revenue. Leverage our 10 years of internet investment experience.

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We empower you with the tools, knowledge and the network to easily optimize your internet businesses.

Our Approach

Whether you’re a single website owner, or a savvy investor with a larger web portfolio, Creative Innovation has the expertise you need to take your web assets to the next level. Our strategy is to build upon what you’re already good at, add the missing opportunities that exist for your website(s), and then measure the success of your efforts.

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1. Creative Analysis and Quick Wins

  • We will first analyze and see what is currently working for your website.
  • We then see how we can improve your monthly revenue by suggesting some quick wins that are easy to implement. This will give you a quick boost in revenue and help you gain our trust.
  • Once we’ve optimized with what you currently have, we then take it up a notch!

2. Take Calculated Action

  • Every website has it’s own strategy in terms of how to maximize it’s revenue. We might suggest you blend different methods of revenue generation or standardize your current methods if it’s too complex. We employ industry best practices and make calculated decisions.
  • Our advisory team will help you formulate a long-term optimal revenue generating model for your website.
  • Usually these changes require more market research depending on the niche of your website.
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3. Experiment Feedback

  • Once you implement the recommended changes on your website. Let us know and we’ll help you monitor the growth.
  • We help you calculate your return of investment and how the changes have impacted the overall value of your site.
  • We’ll provide you with a valuation of your website and see how it has impacted your portfolio.

4. Ongoing Optimization

  • Website revenue optimization is a constant strategy to implement. There are new companies, tools, vendors, products and opportunities which might help you increase your revenue even further.
  • Have us in your back pocket at all times and let us know and we can start the process again.
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