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We are a private internet investment company that provides a platform for digital entrepreneurs like YOU, to easily sell your website. Its founders have been buying, selling and building web businesses for over 10 years and are well equipped to help guide your website sale or optimization strategy.


A streamlined service for us to buy your website based on true market valuation.



We help you optimize the revenue from your existing websites.



An exclusive arrangement that allows us to invest our resources together.


Creative Innovation helps you easily sell your internet business safely and confidentially.

Sell Your Website in 3 Easy Steps

Yes, we’ll buy it. It is that simple.

We have created a seamless process for website owners to sell their digital assets. If your site meets our criteria, we as the buyer give you a written offer within 72 hours. We then help you transfer your web assets Safely and Privately.

Sale Success Rate1
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What is our criteria?


Websites showing some level of success in the last 6 months. It reduces risk of any revenue drop that might occur.

Minimum 6 months

We prefer websites that have a consistent revenue within a 6 month time span. We sometimes make exceptions to this rule if there is a growing user base community.


Website traffic is an important metric. Are there a significant number of unique and relevant visitors coming to your site?

Unique Visitors

Depending on the business model and niche, your site should have a good number of keywords that it is being ranked for. The keywords being ranked should be marketable keywords within your niche whether they’re paid or organic.


Your internet business brand is vital to long-term sustainability. We look for well branded or brandable businesses that attract visitors.

What story are you telling?

Does your website connect with your visitors and tell a story about your brand so they can identify you? We prefer sites that either have a strong brand already in place or has the potential for it.

Cash Flow

Profitability is more important than just revenue. Good margins and plenty of room to grow is what we look for.

Good margins

Cash flow is very important to a business owner. We prefer websites that have good margins on the products/services that they are selling or promoting, and also a healthy cost per acquisition on advertising spending.

Work Effort

Time is money when it comes to business. A website has good value when work is minimal or can easily be delegated.

How much is your time worth?

We prefer sites that have a low-medium work effort and are easy to manage with little dependency. We make exceptions to this rule if your site has potential for work that can easily be offloaded ( such as content writing ).


Websites that leverage internet marketing channels and strategies to drive business. We value this attribute highly.

Not offline

Whether you bring in traffic via Facebook, Google PPC or organic search traffic. The marketing strategy must be ONLINE and not through an offline medium such as yellow pages or billboards.

*We do not accept any websites involving adult content, gambling, online pharmacy, piracy, copyright infringed content, trademark violated sites, “money making” niche websites or any websites that are outside the legal standards. We have the right to refuse any website if it does not fit into our portfolio or meet our quality standards.

The folks at Creative Innovation are a class act. They have a very clean and organized process and always kept me in the loop via email with what’s going on regarding my website. I received personal treatment and a quick cash offer. Charles G. Seller client
Charles G, Seller Client
Working with the guys at Creative Innovation has always been a pleasure. I have sold them multiple properties in the past and look forward to selling them many more. They are always quick to respond for any requests we have. They operate due diligence in a very fast and organized manner. And most importantly when it comes time to pay it is a smooth and flawless transaction.
Ryan Lane, Broker
I enjoyed working with the team at Creative Innovation during their purchase of my site, and would not hesitate to do business with them again.
Anthony D, Seller Client
The guys at Creative Innovation have been amazing buyers to work with. Not only do they really understand web-based businesses, they’re courteous, fair, punctual, and thorough. I met them in 2012 and we soon did our first deal together. Spending hours on the phone going through due diligence, talking shop, and discussing plans for growth on their newly acquired businesses, I knew they were the type of professionals that I wanted to work with for years to come.
Ryan Sorensen, CEO at acquisitionstation.com
Selling my website with your company had been such a great experience..( although I miss my website.) Your whole team had so much patience with my hundreds of questions that I had..hehe. You treated me with respect and gave me a very fair offer. God bless your company and wish you a wonderful future.
Joan H, Seller Client

Benefits of selling an internet business

1An average of 80% sale success rate means that 4 out of 5 offers that we present to the sellers, are accepted.2In order to properly valuate your website, the 72 hours timer starts after you have filled out our questionnaires.

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